Selina Lake's Homespun Style Book

I love this book.  You must try and have a nosey through it's pages sometime soon, perhaps over a nice cup of tea and a custard slice.  I did.

Selina has picked out some of the most beautiful homespun style homes and put them all together in this gorgeous book that I can't quite seem to put down.

source: Selina Lake Homespun Style p.95
The book is divided up into sections on Elements, Details and Spaces and gives lots of advice on how to get creative with your home design, everything from selecting colours and buying fabrics to super relaxed and colourful furniture.

We are particularly in love with the coloured tables and mismatched painted chairs in the book.  There are lots of examples of which the above is my favourite.

All of the images are taken from the homes of various designers, bloggers, interior specialists and stylists, of which Selina's own home is one.  Her home really is a homespun style dream and I heart it...just check out this table of hers with the cake stand made from vintage plates and saucers.  Lovely.

source: Selina Lake Homespun Style p.7
I'm not going to show you too make snaps of the book because:

a. there is just too much lovely stuff to choose from, and
b. you really need to go out and buy this book to appreciate it - only if you're into that kind of thing, obviously.

I couldn't resist showing you this bobble-edged scarf though, check out that beautiful and bright pattern..whoa there!!

source: Selina Lake Homespun Style p.14

The whole book reminds me of the famous William Morris quote that my friend Annie is particularly fond of:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

Exactly right Mr Morris, good chap.

Okay, here is where you can find Selina's blog which is chock full of more pretty things and loads of great snaps from her book which you can purchase from her blog (signed copies too..swoon).  She also has lots more style advice for your home, links to other great stylist bloggers and information on forthcoming pop-up shop events..which I really want to get too but haven't managed so far.

Happy homestyling.

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