the world's best umbrella

Well the prettiest anyway.  Isn't this a corker?

This is a very timely blog indeed as it has done nothing but rain, pretty much continuously for the past three weeks.  We are very tired of being wet, well apart from Tilly, she flipping well loves it. 

My umbrella?  Very boring, plain black and fits in my handbag...dullsville. So I found myself wishing I had something much, much prettier and off I went to find out where I could find the best umbrella in the world.

Well?  What do you think?  Some of these are just too pretty to use huh?.

If you would rather stay in on a rainy day I can recommend the following most delightful French film.

And my favourite rainy day activity (apart from watching the snooker, which is what I've been doing all day today), curl up on the sofa, get a cup of tea and read a brilliant book.  Enjoy.

ps. the world's best umbrella is the first one...of course.  Too darn pretty.


  1. Those umbrellas are fabulous! #4 is my favorite. I also have a plain black umbrella. Maybe it's time to trade up... :)

    1. Hi Katie, I will if you will..#4 is lush. Plain black umbrellas should be banned!! Lets rebel. :o) xx

  2. Fab brollies. I especially love the first one. I have a thing for birds. Great shape to keep the wind out.
    Good post to see as we approach our winter. I have a boring green umbrella, time to upgrade I think. x

  3. Such pretty umbrella's! I love the first one (as well as the yellow rose one and Cath Kidston one). I must admit I don't even own an umbrella (not even a plain black one). I really should, what with all this rain we have been getting!
    A cup of tea and a good book sounds perfect right about now..
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog..I am glad you did, as I have now found yours :)
    Magie x

  4. Great post. Sounds like we need to bring in some colorful designs and get away from our plain Black design :)



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